Distant Star Gaming

An inclusive and friendly place for kids to experience modern tabletop gaming.

Distant Star

Distant Star Gaming is my contribution to an immensely growing interest in modern board games and board game design. My hope is to get kids and families together in a meaningful way by introducing modern board gaming and its inclusive culture.

Modern board games challenge a player’s problem solving abilities, decision making skills, and tactical prowess.

Cooperative board games challenge all players against the game itself, where the only way to win is to work together.

Building Community

Players build community and new friendships by learning and playing games. Our board games are chosen for their uniqueness, engaging and relaxing mechanics and their distinctive themes.

Board games are a simple way to get kids to gather together for an engaging and social common interest. They offer a great way to connect with other kids. Additonally, cooperative games can help shy players participate as all players collaborate to win against the game.

Over 100+ Games

We own over 100+ games with varied levels of difficulty, game lengths and unique themes.


Kids ages 9 and up will build community and new friendships by learning common and unique game mechanics and participating in bringing the board game to life.

Monthly (once a week):

$60 gives you four classes per month, one class per week.

Single Session:

For $20 you can bring your child in for a single session.


Please contact us to answer any questions you may have.